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Regarding Manulife

Manulife Financial, a Canadian insurance corporation with significant hubs in Ontario and Quebec, was established in 1887 by then Canadian Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald. It swiftly broadened its presence in Asia, particularly in Hong Kong and China. In 2014, Manulife Financial bolstered its Quebec operations through the acquisition of Standard Life, a prominent local industry participant, for $3.7 billion. Presently, the corporation boasts a workforce of 47,000 across its establishments in Canada, the United States (via its subsidiary John Hancock Insurance), and nearly 20 other nations globally. Manulife Financial stands as Canada's largest insurance firm, the second largest in North America, and the fifth largest globally by market capitalization.

Predictably, Manulife provides the offerings and services typical of a firm in this industry, encompassing individual and group life insurance, group health insurance, long-term care insurance, mutual funds, annuities, pension plans, and specific banking products. Additionally, the company furnishes asset management services to its institutional clients along with reinsurance solutions.

Group Insurance

Manulife provides two primary classifications of group plans: group insurance and group retirement options. For now, let's exclude the latter and concentrate on Manulife's group insurance offerings. Manulife furnishes a financial remedy to its corporate clientele, aiding them in attracting and retaining top talent by augmenting their overall rewards via a comprehensive, cost-effective, and user-friendly group insurance scheme.

Manulife establishes itself as a complete collaborator to the firms it serves, aiding them in controlling their group insurance expenses through exceptionally competitive disability, drug, and absence management initiatives. Additionally, Manulife prioritizes the reduction of healthcare expenses and provides an extensive support program that extends to the family members of employees enrolled in the plan.

Medical Insurance

Manulife's medical insurance lineup is segmented into four categories:

  1. Dental and Medical Coverage: Irrespective of your health status and/or lifestyle choices, the expenses associated with dental and other medical treatments can be substantial and often unforeseen. Manulife provides 2 adaptable plans to assist you in managing these eventualities. These options consider your family and work circumstances, as well as potential participation in group health coverage.
  2. Disability Protection: It’s challenging to contemplate experiencing severe injury and/or being unable to resume work due to circumstances beyond our control. Unfortunately, such events do occur, underscoring the importance of disability protection as a financial safeguard. Manulife offers 3 varieties of income safeguarding tailored for professionals/managers, small business proprietors and their staff, as well as broader coverage.
  3. Critical Illness Coverage: Certain diagnoses have life-altering implications, and you wouldn’t want financial concerns to compound the challenges when your focus should be on recovery. Once again, Manulife presents 3 distinct plans to furnish the necessary coverage.
  4. Long-term Care Assurance: Even individuals in robust health – or those fortunate enough to never experience accidents – inevitably grow older. Long-term care insurance enables you to adequately prepare for this phase of life and receive dignified, long-term care, whether in a specialized facility or at home.

Remarkably, Manulife presents the chance to amalgamate various insurance products into a 3-in-1 solution: Manulife Synergy Insurance integrates life, disability, and critical illness insurance to furnish you with comprehensive protection against the most adverse scenarios one might face in a lifetime.

Manulife Life Insurance

Life insurance is indispensable for businesses in the industry, and Manulife is no different. The company provides two primary kinds of life insurance: term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance aims to offer policyholders restricted coverage for a specific duration to address potential expenses and financial uncertainties that may burden their beneficiaries in case of early demise. Manulife presents 4 unique options within this realm - CoverMe, Family, Business, and Family Vitality - enabling you to safeguard your beneficiaries with adaptable and cost-effective solutions.

Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent life insurance has the same financial protection objective as term insurance, but as the name suggests, it is better suited for individuals with steadfast decisions, as it offers a lasting solution. Manulife offers two distinct types of permanent insurance policies:

Manulife Participating Whole Life insurance provides coverage starting at $100,000 and immediate cash value growth. The cash value is assured for the initial years of the policy, and Manulife allows you to determine the frequency and duration of your premium payments.

The second product - Performax Gold Whole Life Insurance - grants permanent coverage starting at $25,000, which you can pay off in as little as 15 years or in equal installments until you reach age 100. This product also presents payment flexibility and guaranteed cash surrender values.

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Manulife offers life insurance and investment options to individuals and businesses. It holds the title of the largest insurance company in Canada and the second-largest in North America.

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