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Canada Protection Plan

What is Canada Protection Plan?

Canada Protection Plan was established in Toronto in 1992. Despite its relatively young age in the insurance industry, CPP benefits from the backing of Foresters Financial, a major player in North America's insurance sector.

Over the years, their operations have diversified significantly. They have developed a range of permanent No Medical products and, in 2006, introduced multiple No Medical term life insurance options.

Furthermore, they launched their Call Centre in 2006, initiating direct-to-consumer sales. By 2008, Call Centre sales could be finalised over the phone.

Today, CPP takes pride in offering customers an extensive selection that simplifies the process of purchasing No Medical & Simplified Issue Life and Critical Illness Insurance.

They remain committed to their mission, which is to provide protection for individuals who may encounter challenges obtaining life insurance coverage due to health issues, as well as for those in good health.

The CPP values


The Canadian Protection Plan prioritises the well-being of its policyholders, distributors, employees, and communities, striving to act in the best interests of each stakeholder.


All policies offered by Canada Protection Plan are underwritten by financially stable Canadian life insurance firms and safeguarded by Assuris, the entity that provides protection to Canadian policyholders in the event of their life insurance provider's insolvency.


CPP holds the belief that prosperity entails a responsibility to contribute to communities. Canada Protection Plan demonstrates generosity by actively engaging in numerous charitable endeavors.


They consistently strive to provide competitive product selections, features, and rates.


Their prices are highly competitive and frequently less than those of comparable plans and benefits.

Who ought to contemplate purchasing life insurance through Canada Protection Plan?

Due to the absence of medical examinations with Canada Protection Plan products, they might attract individuals with health issues, hereditary conditions, substance dependencies, or occupations and activities deemed high-risk.

Furthermore, if you require prompt insurance without the inconvenience of medical exams, these products may be suitable for you.

However, it's important to note that while you may save time, the cost of this type of insurance can be substantial.

Application process | Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan will require you to provide responses to a few medical inquiries pertaining to your health prior to granting approval. The principle is quite straightforward: the greater the number of questions you address without indicating "yes," the more favorable your premium will be for the desired coverage.

However, this doesn't imply that you should withhold any health concerns or furnish inaccurate responses. Similar to any other insurance provider, providing false information could render you uninsurable or complicate the insurance claim process.

Given that Canada Protection Plan solely needs to assess your questionnaire for approval, their approval times rank among the best in the insurance sector. Approval could be attained in as little as 48 hours!

Life insurance products offered by Canada Protection Plan

Let's explore which Canada Protection Plan offerings could best suit your needs!

Life Insurance with Guaranteed Acceptance from Canada Protection Plan

This product targets individuals ineligible for conventional life insurance as it offers guaranteed issuance without health exams or medical inquiries.

This product is ideal for individuals typically considered uninsurable due to health conditions or other factors.

However, the Guaranteed Acceptance Life may not suit most individuals, as the maximum coverage amount is $25,000, which may not be sufficient for many.

Additionally, beneficiaries should note that there is a two-year period wherein they will receive a refund of the premiums paid if the insured's death occurs. Therefore, the $25,000 death benefit is not applicable during this initial two-year period.

Deferred Life Insurance from Canada Protection Plan

The maximum coverage available is $75,000 with Canada Protection Plan's Deferred Life, presenting a slight advancement from Guaranteed Acceptance Life insurance. However, this option caters specifically to individuals with health concerns that might typically lead to higher premiums with other insurers.

Please be aware that the two-year period, wherein beneficiaries will only receive a refund of the premiums paid until the date of death, remains applicable with this product.

Deferred Elite Life Insurance by Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan Deferred Elite Life represents an advancement over their prior offerings. The ceiling for coverage has been elevated to $350,000. This particular plan continues to cater to individuals facing moderate health challenges.

It's important to bear in mind that the two-year provision, wherein beneficiaries will only receive a refund of premiums paid up until the date of death, remains applicable. The enhancement lies in the fact that if demise occurs within the second year of the contract, half of the coverage amount will be disbursed as a death benefit.

Elite Simplified Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan Simplified Elite is the preferred product of the insurer and closely mirrors a standard insurance policy. This plan targets individuals in good health.

The premiums may be reduced compared to policies requiring medical examinations, with a maximum coverage of $500,000.

The two-year waiting period does not pertain to this particular policy.


Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan

Canada Protection Plan, a Canadian-owned and operated corporation, specialises in designing, marketing, and offering life insurance and associated products. Our streamlined underwriting processes eliminate the need for medical exams on many of our plans.

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