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Empire Life

Regarding Empire Life

Established in Toronto in 1923, Empire Life, a division of E-L Financial Corporation Limited, delivers a spectrum of life and critical illness insurance, investment, and group insurance solutions to Canadians. With a workforce surpassing 1,000 individuals, including approximately 100 in Quebec, the company also maintains a presence in Montreal.

Their objective revolves around facilitating access to both individual and group insurance for all Canadians. Empire Life is dedicated to furnishing prompt, hassle-free, and accessible service, aiding clients in wealth accumulation, income generation, and the attainment of financial stability.

By September 30, 2019, Empire Life managed total assets amounting to $18.1 billion.

Since its inception, the enterprise has perpetually expanded its reach across various Canadian provinces, leveraging mergers and acquisitions to augment its array of insurance offerings.


Empire Life consistently appears in the top 10 life insurance companies in Canada.

Honored as Canada's Life and Health Insurer of the Year in 2019 for the second consecutive year, Empire Life also earned this recognition in 2016.

Additionally, the Company was recognized as Canada's Premier Life Insurance Company in 2013.

Corporate responsibility

Empire Life is dedicated to creating positive impacts in the localities where our staff, customers, and distribution partners reside and operate.

Annually, they extend their support to these areas through philanthropic contributions, staff involvement in volunteer activities, provision of goods and services, and sponsorship.

Their community investment is strategically directed towards four primary domains: medical research and healthcare, education, community welfare, and the arts.

In 2019, Empire Life collected $273,000 during its yearly campaign for the United Way. Notably, the Company, with the assistance of its current and retired staff, has accumulated $4 million in donations since its establishment in 2018.

Empire Life's Life Assurance Offerings

In addition to a varied array of insurance products, Empire Life provides numerous investment products. Empire Life primarily concentrates on life insurance, group insurance, and critical illness insurance within its insurance offerings.

Assurance vie

Empire Life provides a variety of conventional life insurance options, including term life insurance and permanent life insurance.

Assurance vie temporaire

The corporation provides term life insurance with durations of 10, 20, or 30 years, along with yearly renewable term life insurance.

Whether you're a young family seeking cost-effective safeguarding for your dear ones, an entrepreneur aiming to cover initial expenses linked to your venture, or a homeowner in search of insurance to protect your mortgage, Empire Life has a suitable product for you.

Solution 10

Solution 10 provides coverage with assured premium rates that escalate every decade. Additionally, this product boasts a distinctive attribute: the final premium hike takes place post the age of 75. Solution 10 assures peace of mind by maintaining stable premiums for a decade.

This product is appropriate for:

  • Families seeking to settle the remaining years of their mortgage.
  • Entrepreneurs desiring to offset the expenses associated with launching and sustaining their venture.
  • Newly formed families in search of an economical insurance plan.

Solution 20

With Solution 20, your rates escalate every 20 years. The final rise occurs after reaching 65. As retirement nears, this assurance ensures your insurance costs stay consistent, providing peace of mind.

This product is appropriate for, among other things:

  • Families seeking to settle the remaining years of their mortgage.
  • Entrepreneurs aiming to offset expenses tied to launching and sustaining their venture.
  • Individuals seeking economical protection with adaptable options for their future.

Solution 30

This is the lengthiest term life insurance plan provided by Empire Life. It offers 30 years of coverage at a fixed rate. Whether you're considering purchasing a house or starting a family, Solution 30 will be there to safeguard you.

Among other features, this product is appropriate for:

  • Families aiming to settle the remaining years of their mortgage
  • New families with young children
  • Individuals seeking affordable security with adaptability for their future

YRT Solution

The Yearly Renewable Term Solution (YRT) provides fixed premium rates without adjustment for the initial three years of your policy. Subsequently, rates escalate annually until policy renewal upon reaching the age of 85. This term life insurance variant is tailored for particular circumstances.

This product is appropriate for, among other things

Smokers desiring to cease smoking to capitalize on reduced non-smoker rates by transitioning their coverage to long-term life insurance in the future.

Entrepreneurs seeking a cost-effective life insurance option to safeguard a short-to-medium-term business loan.

New parents with young children requiring economical life insurance aligning with their restricted budget, yet aiming to enhance their coverage to permanent life insurance as their income grows.

‍Permanent life insurance

The traditional insurance product provides you with coverage for your entire lifetime.

Solution 100

Solution 100 presents a non-participating permanent life insurance plan providing lifelong coverage with monthly premiums until reaching the age of 100. Additionally, Solution 100 life insurance encompasses a cash surrender value and a paid-up value commencing following the fourth year of your insurance coverage.

This product is appropriate for:

  • Families seeking to settle the final years of their mortgage.
  • Elderly individuals aiming to safeguard their estate for their heirs.
  • Youngsters requiring enduring value at present.
  • Individuals seeking insurance that is straightforward, economical, and adaptable to various financial planning approaches.

Guaranteed Life Protection

If death results from natural causes and happens within the initial 24 months following the policy's effective date, the death benefit will be capped at the total premiums paid since coverage inception, without accruing interest. If death is the consequence of an accident and takes place within the initial 24 months following the policy's effective date, Empire Life will disburse the principal sum specified in the policy, subject to specific terms. If death transpires after the initial 24 months of policy issuance, Empire Life will disburse the insured principal sum specified in the policy, irrespective of the cause of death.

This product is appropriate for:

  • Adults seeking to manage specific financial obligations discreetly, without undergoing health inquiries.
  • Individuals previously declined life insurance.
  • Those desiring expedited life insurance acquisition, free from risk evaluation queries.

Engaging in permanent life insurance

Empire Life provides participating whole life insurance products that safeguard your estate while also granting you the chance to partake in the company's earnings.

Empire Life presents two participating permanent life insurance plans:


Optimax enables you to increase your assets within a brief timeframe via assured surrender values and the accrual of yearly dividends.

This product is appropriate for, among others:

  • Guardians and ancestors seeking insurance coverage and financial support for a child getting ready for school.
  • Elders desiring to uphold their estate or bestow a legacy to their descendants or to a cause dear to them.
  • Entrepreneurs in need of life insurance and possibly requiring access to the cash surrender value of their policy in the initial years.


Assurmax provides lifelong insurance coverage. Your policy might receive yearly dividends, which you can opt to receive as cash, allocate towards enhancing your life insurance coverage, invest in savings, or put towards paying premiums.

This product is appropriate for, among others:

  • Young families seeking economical permanent life insurance with enduring cash value.
  • Entrepreneurs seeking life insurance coverage, possibly necessitating cash value in initial years.
  • Retirees aiming to uphold their legacy or bequeath a heritage to heirs or a cherished cause.

Group Insurance

Empire Life additionally provides insurance coverage for businesses and their employees. Covering 90% of companies with 2 to 200 employees, Empire Life demonstrates dedication to addressing small business concerns.




Empire Life

Empire Life

Established in Toronto in 1923, Empire Life has grown to become one of the leading life insurance companies in Canada, ranking among the top 10 today.

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